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daily aromatherapy
natural beauty, body & home products
Our Story
For many years, I had passed by essential oil displays in natural food stores but never knew how to use them. I felt as though I practically needed to be an aromatherapist to figure it out. I thought that if I had this reaction, there must be many others in the same predicament. And so the concept for Daily Aromatherapy was born.

Initially, six essential oil blends were developed, along with the best application for these products. I thought about the most universal complaints that people have and started to look for alternate remedies for these situations. My goal was to introduce aromatherapy to a wider audience and to give people an easy-to-use product that was applicable for their lifestyle.

At the time I was working in the fashion industry in NYC. We often worked late into the night . "Hit by a Truck" became my personal go-to oil when I didn't want to have yet another cup of coffee to keep me motivated to finish my work. On many occasions, I would pull out that blend at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and manage to get enough pep in my step to last me until projects were finished.

My initial product line has grown and expanded, mostly due to customer requests. All of the research and development is done by me, as is the blending and production.

If you've never tried aromatherapy, I encourage to be open and try a product. Aromatherapy has been around since the beginning of time. Daily Aromatherapy now brings these time-tested applications to a modern you.

Our Commitment to You
Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure the freshest product possible. We use natural products and source all of our ingredients consciously. Everything we produce is made with love and integrity. We offer this line to you so that you might share our love of aromatherapy, and find natural beauty, body and home products that bring you joy.

Giving Back
Daily Aromatherapy is a socially-conscious company which supports organizations that provide food,
clean water, medicine and education for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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  • Call and leave us a message on our voice mail at (347)470-8833.

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